Champagne David Léclapart is a certified Biodynamic estate winery in Trépail in the Champagne region of France producing traditional method sparkling Champagne AOC wines. 

Owner: David Léclapart.

Certification: 2016 Demeter certified Biodynamic.

Biodynamic conversion:In Biodynamic Wines (Mitchell Beazley, 2002)I wrote ‘Léclapart’s first biodynamic treatment was the horn manure (‘500’) soil spray in autumn 1996, and although he has been described as arguably Champagne’s most ideologically driven biodynamic grower [by Anselme Selosse who says he is ‘very wrapped up, closed, in biodynamics’] he has become a practical and adept farmer, too. For instance, in 1997, Léclapart’s first full growing season, poor weather and mistakes in regulating his spraying equipment combined to exert severe mildew pressure on the vines. Léclapart began to question his own methodology, and in 1998 switched from the ‘classic’ biodynamic method advocated by François Bouchet and which David had encountered at Leclerc-Briant to the more avant-garde methods advocated by Alex Podolinsky. ‘This was the moment I became more rigorous regarding biodynamics. This is no criticism of Monsieur Bouchet, but perhaps I found him too French, too theoretical. I found Podolinsky’s Australian/Anglo Saxon approach suited me more, and was more practical. I liked the effect the Prepared Horn Manure had on my soils, and so switched to this from the ‘normal’ Horn Manure. Podolinsky made it easier for me to understand both biodynamic theory and the practice of biodynamics. For Bouchet, timing agricultural work to Maria Thun’s seedling calendar is vital. For Podolinsky the calendar is important, but not essential. Podolinsky says determining what biodynamic treatments are used depends more on local climatic, soil and vine growing conditions, and also on the spirit of the farmer himself: what he is capable of.’

Compost: David found Biodynamic compost 502-507 is hard to produce (or find) in Champagne. He began by using solid compost made by the Aube triumvirate of Fleury/Réaut/Schreiber but he is now (2001) more inclined to get the Biodynamic compost preparations on the vineyard by using the Prepared Horn Manure (500, 502-507), as advocated by Alex Podolinsky and Pierre Masson. He has never used Maria Thun’s barrel compost 502-507.


Champagne David Léclapart

Bureau: 10 Rue de la Mairie, F-51380 Trépail (Marne), France

Tel+33 (0) 

Winery: 8 rue St Vincent, F-51380 Trépail (Marne), France

Tel+33 (0) Email


Monty Waldin., Biodynamic Wines (Mitchell Beazley, 2002).