The Chablis region is an ‘outpost of Burgundy, floating by itself,’ (Hugh Johnson & Hubrecht Duijker: 1987, p.19).

Key data: 100% white wines. 100% Chardonnay. 5,479 ha. Average production 240,000hl. Chablis Grand Cru AOC (1%), Chablis Premier Cru AOC (15%), Chablis AOC (66%), Petit Chablis AOC (18%).

Production origins: 25% production via co-operatives. 350 wine estates. 36 merchant-producers.

Appellations: Petit Chablis AOC. | Chablis AOC. | Chablis Premier Cru AOC. | Chablis Grand Cru AOC.

Viticulture: Downy mildew (peronospera) and Botrytis bunch rot are the main disease threats here.

Markets: 66% export (24% UK, 11% each USA and China, 8% Sweden, 7% Canada). 14% France (retail chains, 20% traditional outlets, wine stores, hotels, restaurants, and direct sales. Export: 28% outside the European Union, 38% European Union (without France).


La Chablisienne.


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