CASTELNUOVO TANCREDI, organic estate in Buonconvento in Siena province in Tuscany. It bottles wine under the Orcia DOC.

OWNER | Dott. Ghino Venturini del Greco.

BACKGROUND | The estate of Castelnuovo Tancredi encompasses over 600 hectares between Siena and the Orcia Valley. Many illustrious Italian families had owned this property such as the Guglieschi, the Borghese, and the Tancredi families, from whom the property was named after, prior to the acquisition of the estate by the Venturini Del Greco family approximately five generations ago. From 1315, the land surrounding the property was extensively planted with oaks, farm lots, olive groves and vineyards. Eventually in the early 1700’s there was a need to construct a cellar for the vinification of the grapes and to accommodate the olive presses for the oil production. This antique building has been recently restored to its original beauty where the cantina, or cellar, and reception area for visitors are situated today. As in the past the extensive cereal production the oil production and the 8 hectares of vineyards make up the modern day reality of Castelnuovo Tancredi, where pride is taken to fully respect nature using organic agricultural methods. There are a few stone farmhouses recently and tastefully restored that make up the agro-turist activity of the estate.


Castelnuovo Tancredi, I-53024 Buonconvento (SI = Siena), Italy |+39 0577.808256 |