CASTELLO POMINO, winery in the Pomino DOC region of Tuscany.

OWNER | Frescobaldi.

TERROIR | Altitude From 680 m to 730 m (2230/2400 feet). Aspect SW. Soil Sand-rich, rocky soils, well-drained, and rich in minerals; acidic to slightly acidic. 


POMINO BIANCO DOC RISERVA, IL BENEFIZIO | Benefizio Riserva recounts the history of Chardonnay in Tuscany. This grape variety was introduced to Castello di Pomino’s vineyards in 1855, and by 1878 the Estate had received the gold medal at the Paris Expo for the quality of its wines. In 1973, at a vineyard located 700 metres above sea level, Benefizio was born: the first white wine in Italy to be fermented in barriques. With the 2005 harvest, Benefizio acquired the title “Riserva”, or “Reserve”. / 2017 Scant rain showers in both the winter and spring. Temperatures were average, save a particularly biting January. Sprouting began in early March and, despite lower temperatures during the month of April, the healthy shoots flowered in May. By the end of the month, half of the vineyards were completely in bloom, earlier than in previous years. The estate’s cool, deep soils coupled with proper soil tillage protected the plants during a very dry summer. Veraison began at the end of July and the harvest took place rather early in the season. 


POMINO DOC PINOT NERO | Pinot Noir has been grown here since 1855.