Castelcerino | Castelcerino is a town in Verona province, part of the Municipality of Soave in the Veneto region of north-east Italy. It is located about 4 miles (7 km) north of Soave. The town occupies a strategic position, visible from afar.

Castelcerino lies within the Soave region. Its vineyards comprise 180ha of land in the Soave Classico DOC of which 135ha is planted, plus 137ha of land in the Soave Colli Scaglieri DOC of which 82ha is under vine.

Exposition | The terroir is sloping (‘versante’) from a summit, on the watershed between two valleys, the Val Tramigna and the Val d’Alpone. Vineyards face south, south-east and south-west.

Altitude | 110-400 metres.

Soils | Soils are deepest in the northern part of Castelcerino, and are cool and slightly alkaline. In the southwest steep slopes make for shallow soils. Of calcareous origin, they are moderately alkaline. In the western part of Castelcerino soils are of basaltic origin, shallow, and dressed with clay-loam (this is the area from which the Cantina di Soave sources its Castelcerino bottling).

Wine style | Castelcerino’s sheer size, its range of expositions, and soils which vary in their origin and depth makes defining a ‘typical’ Castelcerino problematic.

Wineries with vineyards in Castelcerino

Certified organic | Filippi.

No certification | Cantina di Soave. | Coffele. | Corte Adami.


Carta dei Grandi Cru del Soave.

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