CARIGNANO DEL SULCIS DOC is a red or pink (‘rosato’) wine based on the Carignan Noir grape grown in 15 townships (‘comuni’) in the hills around Capo Teulada including Sulcis, the Carthaginian name for the promontory and islands of Sant’Antiocco and San Pietro in the south-western part of the Italian island of Sardinia (Sardegna’). See Sardinia south, Cagliari’s Campidano and Sulcis. The DOC was granted in 1975. Up to 15% other grapes (Monica, Pascale, Alicante Bouschet) are allowed. The Carignan is also known as Uva di Spagna here, Sardinia having been dominated by Aragón for so long.





NO CERTIFICATION | Agricola Punica. / Cantina di Santadi.


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