CANTINA DI ORGOSOLO is ‘a cooperative on the Italian island of Sardinia (‘Sardegna’) of nineteen growers and winemakers, run by Francesco Pira. The local growers have been growing vines and producing wine for many generations in the Valle of Locoe and Sorasi in the central province of Nuoro. The cantina comprises sixteen hectares with each grower owning on average 0.80 hectares. All the growers are obliged by the cooperative to farm organically, although no steps have been taken to obtain certification,’ writes Doug Wregg (2011).


Cannonau di Sardegna, Urulu | ‘A vine-planted site of archaeological importance only 4km away from Orgosolo, Urulu is the local name for a nearby rocky promontory. The grape varieties for Urulu are 95% Cannonau, 2% Carignano, 2% Bovale and 1% other varieties that include Bacca Nera and Pascale di Cagliari. The vines are an average of 35 yrs old on 400m + metre slopes of decomposing granite mixed with schists, ideal soils for the Cannonau grape. The wine is fermented in stainless steel and then aged briefly in barrels. There is no filtration or fining,’ writes Doug Wregg (2011).


Doug Wregg, Les Caves de Pyrène list (July 2011).


Cantina di Orgosolo, Sardegna, Italy