Campogiovanni is an estate winery in Località Campogiovanni in Sant-Angelo in Colle the south of the Montalcino region of Tuscany, Italy. Its main wines are Rosso di Montalcino DOC and Brunello di Montalcino DOCG plus Moscadello di Montalcino DOC

Owner: Società Agricola San Felice S.p.A. See San Felice. When San Felice acquired the Campogiovanni estate in the early 1980s Montalcino was witnessing significant activity, but had not yet reached the world-class level of quality that it enjoys today.

Staff: The current winemaker is Leonardo Bellaccini.

Vineyards: Overall 65 hectares of land. Of this 20 hectares (49.4 acres) are vines, of which 14 hectares (34.6 acres) of Brunello and 6ha (15 acres) of Rosso di Montalcino DOC. Three separate parcels comprise the vineyards, at an elevation of approximately 300 metres  (Source: Leonardo Bellaccini). Also 18 hectares of olive trees (2,000 olive trees), and woods.

Red wines:

Rosso di Montalcino DOC, Campogiovanni2012 30,000 bottles. Somewhat high tone and thin (Anteprima 2014. | 2013 40,000 bottles. Sweet simple raspberry (Anteprima 2014). | 2017 40,000 bottles.

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, Campogiovanni2000 A decent, elegant, French style but was also affected by brett (Anteprima 2005). | 2009 70,000 bottles. Rich fruitcake (Anteprima 2014). | 2009 15.5%. Deep ruby core with clear rim. Sherry oak nose and a marked degree of volatility. Like unirrigated Mendocino Zinfandel from the late 1970s. Dry end with volatility poking through the oak which never knit with the wine because the wine tannins lack the structure and the fruit lacks the freshness to marry when tasted at the Consorzio on Tues 27th May 2014 with Dr Ian d’Agata and others. | 2010 95,000 bottles. 15.5% alc. Sweet fruit, simple, bit baked (Anteprima 2014). | 2014 One of the deeper, more structured and more obviously dark fruited 2014 Brunellos with time to soften and open out over the next 8 or so years I guess (Anteprima 2019). | 2015 85,000 bottles.

Brunello di di Montalcino DOCG Riserva, Il Quercione: From the Il Quercione vineyard. On 4th Oct 2014 Leonardo Bellaccini told me ‘Il Quercione was planted in 1980. There are 2.5 hectares (6.1 acres). 3,500 vines per hectare. Neither clone nor rootstock are known. The vineyard at at around 250 metres (830 feet) on a tongue of stony alluvial soil over argilla marina (‘marine clay). Being replanted 1.7 hectares on the 420A rootstock. We do not want a density of 8,000 vines per hectare and will replant at 6,500 vines per hectare. The main issue was the central part of the site drained poorly, leaving stagnant water on top. We are reducing the canopy height from 90cm to 60cm. When these newer vines come on stream the rest of the vineyard will be replanted.’ | 1990 Bottled. | 1995 Bottled. | 1997 Bottled. | 1999 Bottled. | 2001 Bottled. | 2003 Bottled. | 2006 Bottled. | 2007 Bottled. | 2008 16% alcohol on the label. 4,000 bottles. Porty, stretched fruit with baked flavours, very dry tannin, and even some brett I think (Anteprima 2014). | 2011 On 4th Oct 2014 Leonardo Bellaccini told me 2011 was another year of high alcohol.



Loc. Campogiovanni

Fraz. Sant’Angelo in Colle, I-53024 Montalcino (SI = Siena), Italy

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