Camillo Donati is a former sausage maker turned wine producer in Felino in Parma province, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

Sparkling wines

Trebbiano Frizzante: Donati prefers the more ageworthy ‘petillant naturel’ style to Charmat.

Lambrusco Rosso Frizzante: Natural fermentation. Some skin contact. Left to settle, then transferred to bottle to ferment to dryness. Bottled with a crown cap.

Malvasia Rosa Rosato Frizzante: Pet Nat. Some skin contact.

Sales: Les Caves de Pyrène (UK).


Azienda agricola Donati Camillo

Via Costa 3/A, Località Barbiano

43035 Felino (PR), Italy

Cantina: 0521.637204



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