Cacique Maravilla | Estate in the Bio Bio region of southern Chile.

Owner | Manuel Moraga Gutierrez. The vineyards have been passed down through his family for 7 generations.

Vineyards | 15ha vineyard in Yumbel in the Bio Bio regionSome vines were around 250 years old Manuel told me at the Real Wine Fair 2016.

Organic certification | 2016 No.

Red wines

Pipeno Paìs | 2015 Wild ferment. Very odd, faulty at the Real Wine Fair in Tobacco Dock 17-18th April 2016.

Cot Pipeno | 2014 Wild ferment. Faulty at the Real Wine Fair 2016.

Red wines

Moscatel di Alejandra | 2015 Muscat of Alexandria. Wild ferment.


Real Wine Fair 2016, Tobacco Dock, London 17-18th April.