BRONCO WINE is a wine company based in California owned by Fred Franzia (and which is distinct from the Franzia winery in California).

OWNER / Fred Franzia.

VINEYARDS / Franzia owns 40,000 acres of vines in California, making him the biggest vineyard owner in the USA. In 2017, 2,024ha (5,000 acres) of the Franzia family’s vineyards, in Madera County, were due to be certified as organic, according to Pam Strayer (2016). / 2017 ‘By harvest time next year [2017], Bronco will control more than one-third of [California’s] CCOF vineyards and will have the resources to produce in excess of 400,000 cases of wine made from organic grapes,’ says Deborah Parker Wong (2016).

BRANDS / Fred Franzia’s conventional wine brands include Charles Shaw (‘Two Buck Chuck’). His ‘made with organic grapes’ wine brands include Green Fin, Rare Earth, Cottonwood Creek and Green Truck whose combined case production is 185,000 cases a year, according to Pam Strayer (2016).


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