Broc Cellars | Urban winery located in the town of Berkeley in the state of California.

Founder-owner | Chris Brockway, described by Oz Clarke (2015, p57) as ‘one of the darlings of California’s natural wine movement. He broke onto the scene with his Carbonic Carignan from the Alexander Valley and now makes numerous wines sourced from vineyards throughout California, including Zinfandel and Nero d’Avola and a skin-fermented Roussanne.’

Winery | ‘Low wattage’.

Red wines

Carignan 1870 |

Valdiguié | 2012 A dry Valdiguié.

Sweet wines

Mockvin du Broc, Valdiguié | ‘A fortified sweet wine. No added sulfites,’ (Isabelle Legeron, 2014, p204).


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