BREAKY BOTTOM is a winery in East Sussex on the South Downs in southern England founded and owned by Peter Hall, described by Oz Clarke (2015, p56) as ‘a quirky, passionate grower’ See Seyval Blanc for Hall’s comments on this grape variety.


Breaky Bottom Seyval Blanc [Lightly Oaked] | 1990 Seyval Blanc. 1990 won a Gold Medal in the 1993 International Wine Challenge, yet can only be offered as Table Wine. | 1992 Oak chips, tastes rich, rounded and complex, lime greengage, long. | 2001 UKVA Wine Competition 9&10/6/2003 Wine No 25 Seyval [2001]: Rich straw gold colour, soft earthy nose, attractive, non-reductive winemaking but none the worse for that, honey coming through on the palate against some agreeably crisp acidity, plenty of body, good texture and length, well made, good grapes, nice classic style of white made in a traditional way. 16 points.

Breaky Bottom Seyval Blanc, Oaked Fumé | 1992 Made from a tank which did not go into the 1992 Seyval Blanc Lightly Oaked (see above). | 2001 UKVA Wine Competition 9&10/6/2003 Wine No 49 Seyval: Older wood apparent on nose, pronounced colour, good mix of tangy citrus fruit, riper tropical elements and soft, creamy oak, nice flavour and texture, fresh, clean finish with a good level of concentration. 14 points and maybe more. (13.42 Highly Ccommended).


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