DYNAMIZER (DYNAMISER), a recipient in which Biodynamic preparations are stirred or dynamized before being sprayed directly onto the crop fields (vineyards, pasture).

THE CONTAINER FOR DYNAMIZINGA common container used by winegrowers for stirring is an old barrel with one of the ends removed. The barrel can be cleaned naturally by weathering it outside rather than scrubbing it with detergent or charcoal. Those who favour containers made of inert materials should try to avoid galvanized vessels (especially those with chipped surfaces which encourage rust), and if there is no alternative to plastic one of the hard, dense types should be chosen (John Soper, p.40), presumably to reduce the risk of off-gassing. Pottery is another option. For stainless-steel containers, non-magnetic forms should be used. The stirring vessel should be sited in a place which makes use of gravity both for filling it with water and draining dynamized liquids ready for spraying. In terms of its dimensions, Pierre Masson (2014) suggests the dynamizer should be taller than it is wide, giving 1.4:1 as an ideal ratio, and with a rounded out bottom for a better stirring effect.

HAND OR MACHINE | When Rudolf Steiner was asked, in the discussion after the fourth lecture of his 1924 Agriculture course, whether the forces carried by a dynamized liquid would be lost by using a machine that breaks the liquid up into a very fine spray he replied, ‘Not at all. They are very firmly bound. In general, you don’t have to be nearly as afraid that spiritual things will run away from you as you do with material things.’


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