Biodynamic Wines (2003, Mitchell Beazley) by Monty Waldin

This was my third book. The brains behind it at Mitchell Beazley was Hilary Lumsden. In his review in the The Observer (British Sunday newspaper) Tim Atkin (5th December 2004) said he ‘greatly enjoyed [it], a scholarly, lucid, well-researched guide to this most baffling of subjects.’ In a previous review (7th November 2004) in the same newspaper Atkin said ‘Monty Waldin’s brilliant new book makes a very persuasive case for biodynamics.’

Richard Ehrlich of The Independent called the book ‘an excellent, detailed account of a complex and fascinating area.’


World Food Media Awards, Best Wine Book.

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, Best Wine Book for Professionals for Wine Books in English.


Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards, Best Wine Book 2005.


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