Bio Suisse | A non-profit organisation in Switzerland whose name roughly translates as Swiss Organic. It was founded in 1980 as Vereinigung Schweizer Biologischer Landbau-Organisation (VSBLO) or the association of Swiss Organic Farming Organizations. In 1981 it drew up Switzerland’s organic standards.

Bio Suisse represents the interests of Swiss organic producers and their licensees. Bio Suisse developed specific directives for organic products sold on the Swiss market and registered the “bud” (‘knospe’ in German) logo which characterizes Bio Suisse products.

To export products with the Bio Suisse logo into Switzerland it is necessary to have a potential Swiss importer, because only this latter can become a Bio Suisse licensee and market products with the “bud” logo. Moreover, to export organic products to Switzerland it is necessary to comply with the requirements of existing national and EU regulations (even though Switzerland is not a member of the EU), together with the additional requirements of Bio Suisse standards, including an inspection from the body that controls and certifies the company as per EU regulations.



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