Basilicata (formerly Lucania) is one of Italy’s 20 administrative regions. Mountainous and almost entirely landlocked in central-south Italy, Basilicata occupies the arch of Italy’s boot, between the heel of Puglia to the north and east, and the toe of Calabria to the south, with Campania to the west. To the south it borders the Mediterranean via the Gulf of Taranto of the Ionian Sea. The region’s first DOC was awarded in 1971 to Aglianico del Vulture in Potenza province and the same region has Basilicata’s only DOCG, the Aglianico del Vulture Superiore DOCG.

Political geographyCapital city Potenza (PZ). Provinces Matera (MT), Potenza (PZ).

Terroir: The Basilicata region is 47% mountainous, 45% hilly, and 8% flat. Mountainous soil is varied, mainly limestone and clay; hill soil is sandy and clayey. The climate ranges from continental (in the interior) and mediterranean on the coast.

Wine regions: DOCG (1): Aglianico del Vulture Superiore DOCG. | DOC (4)Aglianico del Vulture DOC. | Grottino di Roccanova DOC. | Matera DOC. | Terre dell’Alta Val d’Agri DOCIGT/IGP (1) IGP Basilicata

Native grape varieties: Aglianico (r). | Aglianicone (r). | Guarnaccino (w). | Malvasia Bianca di Basilicata (w)Malvasia Nera di Basilicata (r). | Moscato Bianco (w)