Banyuls AOC | Appellation for a Grenache Noir-dominated ‘vin doux naturel’ (VDN) or fortified wine from the Rousssillon region of France. The Banyuls AOC covers the same four townships (listed below) as for the Collioure AOC, but the latter is made exclusively as an unfortified wine. Wines labelled ‘rimage‘ are early bottlings of vintage-dated wine (OZ Clarke 2015, p38).

Communes (4) | Banyuls-sur-Mer. | Cerbère. | Collioure. | Port-Vendres.

With food | Doug Wregg say that ‘With its summer pudding and mocha flavours (not to mention dried herbs, prune and caramel) it marries well with cheese, chocolate and even with classic French savoury dishes such as rabbit, hare or venison braised with a chocolate sauce,’ (Caves de Pyrène list July 2011).’ Other suggestions: foie gras poêlé, dark chocolate, moka, gâteau à l’orange, coffee, cigars.


Banyuls Blanc AOC

Banyuls Rosé AOC

Banyuls Rouge AOC | ‘Strong plum and raisin flavour,’ (OZ Clarke 2015, p38).

Banyuls Grand Cru AOC

Banyuls Grand Cru Hors D’Âge AOC

Banyuls Grand Cru Rancio AOC

Banyuls Hors D’Âge AOC

Banyuls Rancio AOC | A tawny style.


Oz Clarke 2015, Oz Clarke Wine A-Z (Pavilion, 2015), p38.