Baden ​is a wine region in the south-west German state of Baden-Württemberg. It produces far more wine than its counterpart Württemberg. Baden faces (the equally productive) Alsace region across the Rhine in France. 

Organic vineyardsIn 1994 Baden had 105 farms and co-operatives producing organic wines from 350 hectares (865 acres), equating to 2.2% of Baden’s 16,000 hectares (39,520 acres) vineyard (Source: Günther Schruft,Grower experiences in Germany’, in Organic Grape and Wine Production Symposium, 1995, ed. R. Pool, p.65-75).

Sub-regionsBadische-Bergstrasse-Kraichgau. | Bodensee. | Breisgau. | Kaiserstühl. | Markgräflerland. | Ortenau. | Tauberfranken. | Tuniberg.

Climate: ‘Germany’s warmest if not necessarily sunniest region…a slightly less favourable climate than the sun trap of the Vosges foothills [of Alsace],’ (Hugh Johnson Wine Companion: 1991, p.286).

Wine style: ‘Ripe, high alcohol mealtime wines with a warm vinosity,’ (Hugh Johnson Wine Companion: 1991, p.286).


Certified BiodynamicAuhof Obst- und Weinbau Thomas Pfisterer. | Hofgut Sonnenschein. | Ökohof Ruesch. | Weingut Baumann. | Weingut Bertram Isele. | Weingut Duijn. | Weingut Gallushof. | Weingut Harteneck. | Weingut Klaus Vorgrimmler. |  Weingut Pix. | Weingut Riedlin. | Weingut Rieger. | Weingut Trautwein. | Weingut Zähringer. | Winzer– und Obsthof Brenneisen. |  Winzerhof Linder.