ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA SOMMELIER is the Italian Sommelier Association (see sommeliers). The association was founded on 7 July 1965. On 6 April 1973, with Decree n. 539 of the President of the Republic, it obtained legal recognition from the Italian State.

ROLE | The Italian Sommelier Association organizes the Professional Qualification Course for Sommeliers throughout Italy. The study program is divided into three levels. The 1st level comprises viticulture, oenology, the technique of tasting and service. This represents the basis of the Sommelier’s professionalism, starting from the correct serving temperature of the wines up to the organization and management of the cellar. The 2nd level explores Italian and foreign wine production. The 2nd level also perfects the technique of wine tasting, judging wine taste and wine quality. The 3rd level deals with the technique of food tasting and, above all, of the food-wine combination, through the use of a graphic card and practical tests of food tasting with wines of different types. At the end of the whole training course there is a qualification exam, the passing of which bestows the title of AIS Sommelier.


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