ASCIANO is a township (‘comune’) on the Via Lauretana in the upper Ombrone river valley in the Province of Siena, Tuscany. It has both Etruscan and Roman origins. The area around Asciano was for centuries the breadbasket of the city of Siena which purchased Asciano 1285, and fortified it with surrounding walls in 1351. The town was re-built after the Second World War and is a mix of pre-war (fascist), post-war and medieval architecture.

VINEYARDS | Vineyards in part of the commune are allowed the Val d’Arbia DOC (for white or pink wines only). Asciano also includes the frazione of Chiusure and the localita of Pievina.

CHURCH | The Sant’ Agata church is Romanesque and dates to the 11th-century.

MARKET DAY | Saturday.

MUSEUMS | The Museo d’Arte Sacra has works by painters of the Sienese school (14-15th centuries). The archeological museum (‘Museo Archeologico’) contains finds from the excavation of a group of chamber tombs in the nearby cementary of Poggio Pinci. In 1991 a museum devoted to the artist Amos Cassioli was founded as the result of a gift from his family.