TENUTA DI ARTIMINO, estate in the township (‘count’) of Carmignano in Prato province, about 12 miles (20km) west of the city of Florence. The estate centres on its Medici villa designed by Buontalenti. It is famous for having one hundred chimneys, all of which differ from each other. The wines were praised by ‘Francesco Redi in his Bacco in Toscana’. Wine produced now comprise red wine under the Barco Reale di Carmignano DOCG, and the Carmignano DOCG, and sweet white wines under the Vin Santo di Carmignano Occhio di Pernice DOC. 

OWNER | Giorgio Segantini (2005).

STAFF | Exports: Giuseppe Poggi (60 in 2005). Started working here mid-1960s. Took me for a drive to see the Barco Reale wall.

BACKGROUND | Artimino was founded by the Medici and boasts a grand 16th century villa called La Ferdinanda. The fattoria has been managed by the same family for four generations and owes its local reputation to very traditional riservas with long barrel ageing.

LOCATION | A few miles south of Poggio a Caiano. The area around the high Artimino hill was inhabited in the Paleolithic era. In the C7thBC and Etruscan town was built on the site. Appears to have been prosperous as it could control the natural trade routes along the Arno and Ombrone rivers than from exploitation of the local agricultural resources. The acropolis probably stood on the hill now occupied by the Villa Ferdinanda (lots of chimneys). Opposite the villa is the village, which still has some of its medieval walls. The church stands further down the hill.

VINEYARDS | The southernmost estate in Carmignano. / 2005 700ha of land of which 75ha of vineyard. Systematic replanting began in the early 1990s. Experiments to try to salvage some of the hundreds of grape varieties that were planted in the region from the time of the Medicis.

WINERY | The cellars (ugly yellow building) are among the best equipped in the area: auto-remontage.

WINEMAKING | 2005 I was told the grapes were picked by hand and machine. Said to use no or very few barriques. Makes clean, fresh, fruity wines for early drinking and which are fairly priced.

WINE PRODUCTION |2005 I was told around 2,700-3,000hl was produced annually.


BARCO REAE DI CARMIGNANO, VILLA ARTIMINO2003 Soft animal nose, slightly dirty from the vineyard chemicals it seems; a bit animal and supermarket simplewhen tasted at the winery on Monday 7th March 2005.

CARMIGNANO DOCG, VILLA ARTIMINO | 2002 Clean, soft, bit hot and juicy, seems to be Sangiovese and CS plus wine from the south as quite animal at the winery on Monday 7th March 2005.

CARMIGNANO DOCG, VIGNA GRUMARELLO | 1999 A bit animal and dry and southern and VA starting to come through at the winery on Monday 7th March 2005.

CARMIGNANO RISERVA DOCG, VILLA MEDICEA | The flagship wine. | 1990 3,000 hl produced. / 2000 Deeper colour than the Barco Reale and entry-level Carmignano, bit animal and southern, very atypical it seems, industrial stuff and very anonymous when tasted at the winery on Monday 7th March 2005.

TOSCANA ROSSO, VIGNA DELL’IRIS | 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese. Nice mix of black and red fruit, but tannin a bit thin and sugary and the alcohol is not so integrated when tasted at the winery on Monday 7th March 2005.




Olive oil. Grappa.


Agritourism 50 appartments in Artimino, some with double beds.

Restaurants Biaggio Pignatta (check). La Cantine del Redi (check). La Delfina (does not belong to Artimino).


Fattoria di Artimino, Fraz Artimino, V.le Papa Giovanni XXIII, 1 | I-59015 Carmignano (PO=Prato), Italy | +39 055.8792051 or+39 055.8751424