Aromatic grape varieties or wine grapes described as aromatic should refer only to those grapes whose aromatic molecules are mostly from the terpene class (see terpenes), says Dr Ian D’Agata (Italy’s Native Wine Grape Terroirs, p19). His classification is as follows:

Strongly aromatic: Gewüztraminer. | Moscato Bianco. | Malvasia di Candia Aromatica.

Moderate to strongly aromatic: Aleatico. | Minutolo. | Malvasia Istriana. | Ruchè.

Mildly aromaticGlera. | Malvasia del Lazio. | Malvasia di Lipari.

Not at all aromatic: Chardonnay. | Cortese. | Malvasia Bianca di Candia. | Pinot Bianco.

Other aromatic varieties: Lacrima. | Pinot Gris. | Riesling. | Sauvignon Blanc. | Viognier.


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