Capital city: Buenos Aires.

Regions: El Cepillo. | La Rioja. | Las Compuertas. | Los Arboles. | Lujan de Cuyo. | Mendoza. | San Pablo. | Tunuyan. | Tupungato. | Ugarteche. | Vista Flores. | Vistalba

Vineyards–organic, Biodynamic2018 An estimated 2% of the national vineyard was certified organic (Anne Bousquet of Domaine Bousquet, perso, 2018). | Sebastian Rios on (published in 2020) wrote  that ‘the most recent statistics show that 161 Argentine vineyards have been certified as organic – making up a total of 6240 hectares – while 53 wineries make organically certified wine. Although Argentine consumers are embracing organic wine, the vast majority is exported. 75% of organic wines produced in Argentina are consumed in Europe while other important markets are the USA (4%) and Japan (3%).’

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