Arcins is a commune (post code F-33460) in the Haut-Médoc on the left bank of the Bordeaux region, between Soussans and Lamarque. Red wines are mainly made under the Haut-Médoc AOC, while a small area of vineyard is allowed the Moulis AOC.

Population: 2003: 304. Surface area: 677 hectares.

Terroir: The gravel in Arcins is less apparent, the topsoil is heavier and the land lies lower than Soussans, so Gironde river mists cling longer to the vines, north of the town on low clay slopes, delaying budding and thus ripening.

WinesBordeaux AOC. | Crémant de Bordeaux AOC. | Haut-Médoc AOC. | Médoc AOC. | Moulis AOC.


Château d’Arcins. | Château Arnauld. | Château Barreyres. | Château Tour de Bellegrave. | Château Tour de Roc.

Where to eat

Lion d’Or, Place République. Tel+33 (0)