Arborea DOC is a wine of all three colours from the central part of the Italian island of Sardinia (Sardegna). The DOC was granted in 1987. Although it is named after the town of Arborea, ‘vineyards cover the plains and low hills of many [over 50 in fact] townships (‘comuni’) in Oristano province. Although too recent to verify, this DOC promises little more than lightweight Sangiovese and Trebbiano, with which Italy is already inundated,’ (Burton Anderson: 1990, p.293).

Wines: The Sangiovese Rosso and Sangiovese Rosato must contain at least 85% of this variety, the remainder can be made up of other permitted red varieties. Secco or Amabile styles of Trebbiano are produced from Trebbiano Toscano and/or Trebbiano Romagnolo (85-100%), possibly with some other permitted white varieties (up to 15%) added. A Frizzante style of this wine is also available.