ANNE BOUSQUET, CEO, Partner & Co-founder, Domaine Bousquet winery in Argentina and WISD LLC. Born and raised in Carcassonne, France, Anne received her Bachelor degree in Economics from University of Toulouse, France. She then moved to the US where she continued her education and received her Master’s in Applied Economics from Saint Cloud State University, Minnesota. Soon after, she began working as an Economist at RISI in Boston and then Brussels overseeing and managing the World Paper Packaging Service. In 2008, Anne joined Domaine Bousquet as a Chief Financial Officer, Partner and Co-founder, where amongst many responsibilities, led the company’s strategic and financial planning. Today Anne leads the company’s global expansion strategy in North America, South America and Europe as the Chief Executive Officer of Domaine Bousquet and of its US importing company, WISD LLC. She also graduated in July 2016 from Miami’s FIU Executive MBA program.