Anjou-Villages-Brissac AOC | Red wine appellation dating from 1998 south of Angers in Anjou in the Loire Valley of France. It represents the best area for red wines within the wider Anjou-Villages AOC created in 1987. Chenin Blanc-based white wines from this exact same area are bottled under the Coteaux de l’Aubance AOC.

Communes (10) | Brissac-Quincé. | Denée. | Juigné-sur-Loire. | Mozé-sur-Louet. | Mûrs-Erigné. | Saint-Jean-des-Mauvrets. | Saint-Melaine-sur-Aubance. | Saint-Saturnin-sur-Loire. | Soulaines-sur-Aubance. | Vauchrétien.

Soil | Clay soils over weathered schist (Andrew Jefford: 2006, p.49).

Wine style | Andrew Jefford praises the best reds of the Anjou-Villages and Anjou-Villages-Brissac AOC and identifies their ‘tannic substance and depth of meaty fruit quite unfamiliar in Chinon, Bourgueil, and Saumur-Champigny. For contemporary international tastes, they are often more appealing than the nervous and chilly reds of Touraine (Andrew Jefford: 2006, p.49-50).


Gué d’Orger. | Château Princé.


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