Angelo Minelli is Wine-Searcher’s Italian Wine Specialist, part of a team of wine Specialists, based in Auckland, New Zealand. He uses his extensive knowledge to ensure the accuracy and quality of results which wine enthusiasts see when searching the database. Angelo’s original interest in Viticulture and Oenology came from working in his family’s vineyard in Franciacorta, Italy.

Qualifications | Angelo graduated with distinction from the University of Milan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Viticulture and Oenology, then a Masters in Agricultural Science.

Career | Following university Angelo broadened his expertise working at Ca del Bosco in Franciacorta. During his 10 years there, he honed his winemaking skills and rose through the company to the position of Winemaker. In New Zealand, before joining Wine-Searcher, he worked two harvests. The first was at the highly regarded Wither Hills, the second at Indevin, the largest wine producer in the Marlborough region. Angelo thus has in-depth knowledge and experience of different industry sectors including online wine sales.

Wine-2-Wine 2019 Presentation | Angelo’s presentation at wine-2-wine 2019 was called “Millions of online offers and searches across the world: where do Italian wines stand?” The blurb for it is as follows: The internet is bringing wine producers an unprecedented breadth depth and accuracy of information. They can track the prices of their wines worldwide, discover how consumers search for those wines, and find out where they are stocked and sold. This presentation makes use of Wine-Searcher data, as a case study to illustrate how databases of wines and spirits can be used to track and evaluate where Italian wines stand in the global online trade. This wealth of data will be mined to provide an exclusive and comprehensive view of the market positioning of Italian wines in the world. Angelo Minelli will lead this workshop and provide key takeaways for producers, small wineries and producer institutions, on how they can enhance their presence on the web and use online data to drive their sales.