Ampeleia is a Biodynamic winery in Roccatederighi in Tuscany’s coastal Maremma region. It was originally founded as Meleto by Max Suter, a Swiss. In 2002, after his death, his widow sold the estate to Elisabetta Foradori from Trentino and two other partners called Giovanni Podini and Thomas Widmann. (In 2009 Widmann had to leave the business due to other commitments). The name was changed from Meleto to Ampelaia.

Vineyards: 150 hectares (370 acres) of land of which 38 hectares (94 acres) are vines. The estate lies at three different altitudes between 200 metres (656 feet) and 600 metres (1,970 feet). The first vineyard to be acquired was Ampeleia di Sopra (‘Upper Ampeleia’). Two other blocks were added later called Ampeleia di Mezzo (‘Middle Ampeleia’) and Ampeleia di Sotto (‘Lower Ampeleia’) at 200 (656 feet) to 350 metres (1,150 feet) above sea level.

Biodynamics: 2009 Conversion to Biodynamics began. Leonello Anello consulted.

Biodynamic Certification: 2016 Demeter certified Biodynamic in full for the first time.

White wines

Bianco di Ampeleia, Costa Toscana Rosso IGT: A dry white made from Trebbiano and other white grapes grown in the same vineyard at 300-600 metres (984-1,970 feet). Fermented on skins, aged in cement tanks. 

Red wines

Alicante, Costa Toscana Rosso IGT: Made from a plot of Alicante Nero (Grenache Noir) called ‘Vigna della Pieve’ (‘church plot), listed as number 148 on sheet 153 of the local land registry (‘catasto’). 250 metres (feet). Pebble-rich sandy soils. Aged in cement tanks for 6 months before bottling. | 2014 41 mg/l total sulfites (RAW 2015). | 2015 Lovely fresh-tasting fruit (Real Wine Fair 2016).

Ampeleia, Costa Toscana Rosso IGT: Mainly Cabernet Franc, plus Sangiovese and other red grapes. Aged in both oak and cement tanks. | 2010 Maremma Toscana Rosso 60% Cabernet Franc, 25% Grenache, 15% Sangiovese. Ripe menthol, mint nose with herbal notes, impressive savouriness and restraint (DWWA 3rd May 2013). | 2011 16 months in wood/cement tanks followed by 12 months of bottle-ageing. | 2012 33 mg/l total sulfites (RAW 2015). 

Carignano2015 Costa Toscana Rosso IGT Very nice bright fruit (Real Wine Fair 2016). 

Cabernet Franc, Costa Toscana Rosso IGT: 2014 29 mg/l total sulfites (RAW 2015). 

Empatia, Costa Toscana Rosso IGT: 100% Merlot at 500 metres (1,640 feet) in the Ampeleia di Sopra vineyard (see above). 2004 Debut vintage. 

Kepos, Costa Toscana Rosso IGT: Mainly Alicante Nero (Grenache Noir), plus Carignan, Marselan, and Alicante Bouschet. No Syrah. From the lowest-lying vines in Ampeleia di Sotto, closest to the Tyrrhenian (western Mediterranean) sea. Cement tanks. Bottled before the start of the next vintage. | 2011 IGT Costa Toscano Rosso Nice ripe even cassis, interesting, broad and sappy, nice uncomplicated whole berry fruit crisp, medium weight, perfect wine for lunch (DWWA 29 April 2013). | 2013 40 mg/l total sulfites (RAW 2015). 

Unlitro Rosso, Costa Toscana Rosso IGT: From Alicante (Grenache Noir) plus Carignan and Alicante Bouschet. Cement tanks. | 2014. 45 mg/l total sulfites (RAW 2015). | 2015 1 litre. Made from Alicante Bouschet.


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