Alto Adige DOC Schiava (Vernatsch), red wine made from a minimum 85% Schiava (Schiava or Schiava grossa or Schiava gentile) grown in Alto Adige (Südtirol) in northern Italy (see Alto Adige DOC). Schiava was first mentioned here at the end of the Middle Ages, and it has played a central role in Alto Adige winegrowing since the sixteenth century. It is grown primarily in Bolzano, Oltradige, Merano and Bassa Atesina. See Santa Maddalena (Sankt Magdalena) DOC.

Vineyard area: 2018 798 ha.

Wine style: A light wine low in tannins, with moderate alcohol content, low acidity. Full bodied in Santa Maddalena, softer from around Lake Kaltern (‘Lago di Caldaro’ or ‘Kalteresee’), spicier in the Merano area in the Central Adige Valley.