Alsace Klevener de Heiligenstein AOC is a white wine from the commune of Heiligenstein in the Bas-Rhin, Alsace and the four surrounding ones of Bourgheim, Gertwiller, Goxwiller, and ObernaiHeiligenstein itself is 25 miles north of Colmar, between Barr and Obernai (Tom Stevenson: 1993, p.95-96). 

History: ‘The first recorded mention of this village was in charters of 1277 and 1357 (Tom Stevenson: 1993, p.95-96) ‘when it was known as Hailengentfain, after which it was spelt as Helgenstein, then Heyligenstein, until 1460, since when its name has taken the definitive form of Heiligenstein. The vineyards of this village date back much further than its mere name, having been planted sometime in the third century.’

Vineyards: Gewurztraminer is the main grape.

Vineyard area: 146.86 hectares classified as AOC of which 82 hectares under vine (Tom Stevenson: 1993, p.95-96).

Grands crus: None.

Soil: Stony sandy-clay, clay and limestone (Tom Stevenson: 1993, p.95-96).

Annual festival: Fête du Klevener de Heiligenstein (second Sunday in August).


Tom Stevenson, The Wines of Alsace, Faber & Faber, 1993.