ALBERELLI DI GIODO, the name of a project on Mount Etna created by consultant oenologist Carlo Ferrini. The name Alberelli di Giodo means ‘the bush vines of Giodo’, one way of differentiating this estate to his other one in Montalcino called simply Giodo or Podere Giodo. Ferrini had been visiting Sicily as a consultant for 15 years before he created this project. The first vintage was 2016.

Vineyards | The main grape variety is Nerello Mascalese, which is Mount Etna’s calling card. The vineyard is little more than a hectare, growing at 950 metres on the volcano’s slopes. Pre-phylloxera vines dating from the early 1900s. They are trained to the traditional low-bush alberello style. The elevation and northern aspect are ideal for Nerello Mascalese, and the black, pomace-rich soils yield wines with utterly distinctive body and fruit. 


Alberelli di Giodo | 12 months in French oak tonneau.