Albana, white wine grape variety grown in the Romagna region of Italy. Albana is the grape behind Italy’s first white wine DOCG, Albana di Romagna DOCG in 1987–renamed Romagna Albana DOCG in 2011. Albana is a descendent of Garganega, one of Italy’s oldest grapes. 

The name | Probably named after its white colour (‘alba’ or dawn in Italian).

Wine styles | Albana is one of the rare tannic white grapes. As it is thick-skinned and capable of a long hang time, Albana is ideal for late-harvest sweet wine production.

Where grown in Italy | Emilia-Romagna: Albana is most abundant in the provinces of Ravenna and Forlì. | Romagna Albana DOCG. | Romagna DOC.

Wines | Albana’s wines are full-bodied and structured such that they almost resemble a red wine, showing notes of honey, exotic tropical fruits and ripe pears. However, its tannic nature also means that it oxidizes easily. In general, it is still dry wines are less exciting than its sweet wines, which can range from off-dry late harvest to luscious air-dried dessert ones.


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