A’ Vita, organic estate in the Cirò DOC region of Calabria, Italy.

Owners | Francesco Maria de Franco (329.0732473) & Laura Violino. Francesco de Franco studied viticulture and oenology in Conegliano and moved the estate from selling grapes to domaine bottle from the 2008 vintage. “Francesco is at the forefront of and main philosopher behind the “Cirò Boys” revolution,” Ole Udsen told me. He is also an advocate of Cirò Rosso being 100% Gaglioppo, a local grape variety to which Francesco dedicated his university thesis. 

Vineyards | 8ha (150 hl). In Cirò itself on the coast, and in the Lipuda Valley. Clay-limestone soils. Dry farmed.

Organic certification | 2004 Conversion began via Suolo e Salute. | 2008 First vintage with full organic certification.

Pink wines

Calabria Rosato | 100% Gaglioppo.

Calabria Rosso |  Gaglioppo mainly, plus Magliocco Dolce.

Cirò Rosso DOC2009 Very nice soft redcurrant flavours at RAW, London Monday 21st May 2012.

Cirò Rosso DOC, F36 P27 | P2 is the vineyard plot number. Gaglioppo near the coast.

Cirò Rosso Classico Superiore | 2010 100% Gaglioppo. Cooler vintage. Stainless steel. Nice tannins, sappy fruit, bright at RAW, London Monday 21st May 2012.

Cirò Rosso Classico Superiore Riserva | 2008 Stainless steel. Warm cedar at RAW, London Monday 21st May 2012.


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A’ Vita

S.S. 106 km 279

I-88811 Ciro’ Marina (KR = Krotone), Italy