101-14 Millardet et de Grasset is a Vitis. riparia x V. rupestris hybrid used as a rootstock. It  was created by Alexis Millardet and the Marquis Charles de Grasset. It is described by Dr Richard Smart (2015, p.628) as a shallow-rooting, lower-vigour, early-maturing rootstock with high resistance to phylloxera, moderate tolerance to nematodes and low tolerance to lime. It is well adapted to alluvial soils and grafts well. See Bonterra’s Butler Ranch in Mendocino County, California for a case study.

Other V. Riparia x V. Rupestris rootstocks3306 Couderc. | 3309 Couderc. | 4010 Castel. | Schwarzmann.


Dr Richard Smart in the Oxford Companion to Wine 4th edition ed. Jancis Robinson MW and Julia Harding MW (Oxford University Press, 2015, p.628.