WINZER– UND OBSTHOF BRENNEISEN is a winery and fruit farm (‘Obsthof’) in the Markgräflerland sub-region of Baden in Germany.

OWNER Christoph & Lucia Brenneisen.

VINEYARDS Baden Markgräflerland. 15 hectares (37 acres) of land in total of which 10 hectares (25 acres) is for fruit and 5 hectares (12.3 acres) is for wine.

CERTIFICATION Full Demeter Biodynamic certification from 1989. Still Demeter certified in December 2017.

RED WINES Pinot Noir. Regent.


CONTACT Winzer- und Obsthof Brenneisen, Dorematt 1, D-79295 Sulzburg-Laufen, Germany / +49 (0)7634 69188