Most people assume a digital photo (and here are mine) costs nothing to produce. All you do is point and click, right? Wrong. Each SD (memory) card I use in my camera which is where the photos are created and stored cost US$ 60-70. I have 2 cameras and need 4 cards (one for each camera plus one back up card each). I also need 1 spare battery for each camera (US$ 175 each) plus chargers and charger cables (US$ 160 each).

I need a soft camera bag in the field (US$ 250) to carry spares lenses, batteries, lens cloths, and I need a robust metal case for when travelling (US$ 300) to prevent damage in transit. To clean the camera sensors I need an air blower, some sticky pads, a special spinning brush with both a magnifying glass and mini light (powered by tiny batteries…). And lint-free gloves to hold the camera or lenses (US$ 280 in total).

To process the images I need a laptop on the road and a main frame computer once home. So I also need a room in a building with a table, chair, light, power source, restroom. And buildings insurance. I need a software application (US$ 400) to process the RAW files into correctly formatted pictures. Editing, cataloging and formatting digitial images takes a HUGE amount of time.

I need three back up portable drives (US$ 80-100 each) to keep copies of the images on. Drives have to be kept in separate places in case of theft, fire etc.

I have five lenses, two camera bodies (all made in Germany) and various other nerdy bits and pieces that I can’t do without (tripods, spare lens caps, filters, eye-pieces, cleaning cloths, impact-proof SD card wallets, tiny screwdrivers…etc). If I sold my cameras and lenses (even at second hand prices) I would make enough to buy a pretty nice car. But I like taking photos and hope you like these photos too.

Thanks for reading!