WEINGUT WASSMANN is located in the Villány-Siklós region of Hungary.


1998 The project began in 1998 when Ralf Wassmann and Susann Hanauer bought a farm built in the style of the Swabian settlers and some vineyard land: a south-facing plot of Chardonnay and Olaszriesling vines which was interspersed with almond and peach trees (promiscuous culture) and another adjacent one planted with Portugieser. They made their first wines in 2002 [check]. In 2004 the couple leased half a hectare of Merlot, as well as Kékfrankos, Portugieser and Italian Riesling, and purchased another plot on which they planted Kékfrankos. In 2006 they produced their first Villány organic wine made from Portugieser. In 2007 they purchased more land for organic grape production. In 2008 they founded their on EU-compliant import company, based in Germany (Weinhandlung Ralf Wassmann, Wulften). 2009 The owners started to offer advice to other local wine-growers interested in changing to organic production.

PEOPLE Ralf grew up in the western Harz region of Germany where he made wine from cherries, rosehips and gooseberries, in the absence of grapes. He later studied the science of wine-growing and beverage technology. Susann studied law in Tübingen and Heidelberg and having worked in the legal profession marketed Bordeaux wines in Germany. Since 2010 the couple have been advising other wine growers seeking to go organic.

VINEYARDS 2 hectares (4.9 acres) of vines in the town of Siklos, the biggest town in the Villány region. The vines are south-facing vineyards on two sites called Varoshegy (‘Town Hill’) and Hidegkut (‘Well cooled hill’). There are 0.2 hectares (0.4 acres) of Olaszriszling (Welschriesling in German) planted in 1992, and 0.05 hectares (0.12 acres) of Chardonnay for white wine. There are 0.45 hectares (1.11 acres) of Cabernet Franc planted in 2007, 0.3 hectares (0.74 acres) of Cabernet Sauvignon planted in 2007, 0.55 hectares (1.26 acres) of Kékfrankos (Lemberger or Blaufränkisch in German) planted in 1985, 2005 and 20076, 0.2 hectares (0.4 acres) of Portugieser planted 1985 and 1989, and 0.25 hectares (0.61 acres) of Merlot.

POLYCULTURE 0.5 hectares (1.23 acres) of fruit trees and spare land.

CERTIFICATION 2006+ Full organic certification (the first in Villány). 2012 First vintage with full Demeter biodynamic certification (the first in Villány, second in Hungary after Pendits).

WINERY The cellar is situated in Pécsdevecser, a small village about 9 miles (15 km) north of Villány itself.


MORIZZ ROSE WINZERSEKT 2014 Brut Nature. Traditional method. Portugieser. 0.5g/l residual sugar = bone dry. 11.5% alcohol. 60ppm sulfites. Hand disgorged. Firm, some green notes.1Demeter Serbia tasting, Vrsac 09 December 2017.

WELSCHRIESLING 2016 30 months on less. Hand disgorged. Unfiltered. 0.5g/l residual sugar. Nice old vine texture.2Demeter Serbia tasting, Vrsac 09 December 2017. 2016 Lovely salty weight in 2018.3Tasted during my ‘Biodynamic Pioneers’ masterclass, VINCE wine show in Budapest 05th April 2018.


KARLOTTA 2014 Chardonnay, Welschriesling blend. Unfiltered. Very savoury, ageing well.4Demeter Austria tasting, Vienna 26th February 2018. 2016 Chardonnay, Welschriesling blend. Unfiltered. 13% alcohol. Vibrant, fluid.5Demeter Austria tasting, Vienna 26th February 2018.

WELSCHRIESLING 2014 12.5%. 24ppm sulfites. 1,000 bottles. Wildish, creamy.6Demeter Serbia tasting, Vrsac 09 December 2017.


CABERNET FRANC 2014 Planted 2007. French oak. 24ppm sulfites. 13% alcohol. Lovely fruit.7Demeter Serbia tasting, Vrsac 09 December 2017. Lovely bright fruit, very Cab Franc.8Demeter Austria tasting, Vienna 26th February 2018. Good varietal character in April 2018.9Tasted during my ‘Biodynamic Pioneers’ masterclass, VINCE wine show in Budapest 05th April 2018.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2014 French oak. 30ppm sulfites. 13.5% alcohol. Firmish, sapid, hint of green.10Demeter Austria tasting, Vienna 26th February 2018.

KÉKFRANKOS VILLÁNY 2014 Fermented in open vats. Punched down. Aged in used barrels. 40ppm sulfites. Unfined, unfiltered. 12% alcohol. Old oak shows, slightly masking nice fruit beneath.11Demeter Serbia tasting, Vrsac 09 December 2017.. Nice sappy fruit.12Demeter Austria tasting, Vienna 26th February 2018.

MERLOT 2014 12% alcohol. 61ppm sulfites. Bramble fruit, ready.13Demeter Austria tasting, Vienna 26th February 2018.

CONTACT Weingut Wassmann – Wassmann Pince BT, Fo utca 42, H-7766 Pécsdevecser, Hungary / www.weingut-wassmann.de