Vin de Savoie-Ayze or Ayse | A cru or named wine sub-region in the Arve valley of Savoie in eastern France.

History | Winegrowing here dates to the 1200s.

Terroir | The town of Ayze lies near the French town of Bonneville, and east of Geneva which is across the border in Switzerland. Ayze is one of the highest and most isolated crus in the Arve valley.

Soils | Rocky glacial sediments and moraines.

Communes | Ayze. | Bonneville. | Marignier.

Wines | The main grape variety is Gringet, producing crisp white wines which can be still but are more usually sparkling. Gringet can be blended with Mondeuse Blanche (‘Roussette d’Ayze’), Marsanne (‘Grosse Roussette’), and Chasselas (‘Bon Blanc’).

Wine styles

Vin de Savoie Ayze AOC | Dry, still white.

Vin de Savoie Ayze AOC Mousseux | Fully sparkling white

Vin de Savoie Ayze AOC Pétillant | Lightly sparkling white.


Certified organic, Biodynamic practices | Domaine Belluard