UROS KLABJAN (Uros Klabja) is a organic estate wine-grower located in his native region of Istria in Slovenia. The estate was founded by his grandfather, Albin.

VINEYARDS The vines are located 12.4 miles (20km) south of the Italian city of Trieste, and on the Slovenian side of the border. The vineyards are 1.9 miles (3km) from the Adriatic Sea near the Gulf of Trieste at 150-390 feet (45 to 120 metres) above sea level. Klabjan’s Malvasia and Refosco varieties are planted in a funnel-shaped valley that narrows down towards the Karst Hill further away from the sea. The vines benefit from a mixture of soils; limestone from the north and marl from the east. The Mediterranean climate has an intense maritime influence. The Burja (bora wind) moderates the diurnal temperature range and extends the growing season, which facilitates the optimal ripening for the ungrafted vines.

ORGANIC CERTIFICATION 2008 First vintage with full organic certification.

WINE LABELLING ‘BL’ = oak-aged wine. ‘WL’ = unoaked wine (aged in stainless steel).

WINEMAKING The wines ferment spontaneously with a relatively short skin maceration


MALVASIA BL 1960s vines on 36 million year-old sediments. The wine ferments spontaneously with a relatively short skin maceration, with only 7 days on skins in this case, in order to preserve a pure expression of the fruit. 2013 Lovely depth, zing to the fruit, real salinity at the Real Wine Fair in Tobacco Dock 7-8th May 2017.


REFOSK WL 2013 Fantastic fruit, really good at the Real Wine Fair in Tobacco Dock 7-8th May 2017.


CONTACT Email uros.klabjan@siol.net


Catalogue to the Real Wine Fair, Tobacco Dock London 7-8th May 2017.