Thermenregion | Region in Austria

Geology | The wine growing area of the Thermenregion extends along the eastern edge of the Calcareous Alps to the Vienna Basin. However, only a small proportion of vineyards are located directly upon consolidated limestone and dolomite rock or on the sandstones and conglomerates of the Gosau Group. Most vines are planted on deposits of the transgressing Paratethys and Lake Pannon within the Vienna Basin or on glacial river gravels in the plains of Steinfeld.

At the margin of the basin sands, gravels, sandstones, conglomerates and breccias are predominant. These are composed of rock material from the Calcareous Alps and flysch rocks and were transported by rivers from the uplifting Alps. Famous fossil sites are recognized within the sediments, such as the Gainfarn Sands, which contain molluscs, gastropods and corals and even a complete, about 14 million year old, sea-cow skeleton. In the basin the vineyards are often located upon fine-grained clays, marls, talus or colluvium, where loamy soils with high lime content often develop.

In the southeast, some vineyards occur on the other side of the Vienna Basin on crystalline schists and carbonates of the Austroalpine Superunit, which outcrops here in the Rosalia mountain range.


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