MONTEFALCO SAGRANTINO DOCG is a red wine made from 100% Sagrantino grapes grown in from the Montefalco region of Umbria, Italy. The DOC was created in 1977, originally for the ‘passito’ style of sweet Sagrantino made from air-dried grapes. The dry version of Sagrantino only became a DOC a few years later. In 1992, both wines were elevated to DOCG status. See also Montefalco DOC and Montefalco Sagrantino Passito DOCG.

TERROIR | The wine comes from the township of Montefalco itself, plus parts of the townships of Bevagna, Gualdo Cattaneo, Castel Ritaldi, and Giano dell’Umbria.

SOIL | Sagrantino does best on clay-based soils (D’Agata, 2014, p425).

YIELDS | The base yield of grapes in 80 quintals per hectare.

AGEING | The wine must age at least 12 months in oak. It can be released for sale from 37 months after 01st December following the harvest.

WINE STYLE | Described as ‘dense, enveloping’ by Oz Clarke (2015, p174) and as ‘Italy’s most tannic red wine by far, all too often hard and unyielding,’ by Ian D’Agata (2014, p425), even if ‘the high polyphenol content allows the wine to age well.’ D’Agata says he finds the most structured examples come from the township of Montefalco itself, more floral ones come from Bevagna, and softer, easier-drinking ones come from Castel Ritaldi and Gualdo Cattaneo.

VINEYARD AREA & WINE PRODUCTION | 1992 66 hectares (163 acres). 16 wine producers. / 2000 660,000 bottles. / 2018 760 hectares (1,880 acres). 60 wine producers. 1.5 million bottles. Around 16.7% of Umbrian production in terms of volume, of which 6.3% is Montefalco Sagrantino & Passito DOCG, and 10.4% Montefalco DOC.

VINTAGES | See the Montefalco region.


CERTIFIED ORGANIC | Antonelli San Marco. / Di Filippo. / Lungarotti.

NO CERTIFICATION | Adanti. / Agricola Romanelli. / Arnaldo Caprai. / Benedetti e Grigi. / Bocale. / Cantine Rialto. / Colle Ciocco. / Eraldo Dentici. / Fattoria ColSanto. / Fattoria Colleallodole Milziade Antono. / Fongoli. / Le Cimate. / Montioni. / Napolini. /  Pardi. / Perticaia. / Scacciadiavoli. / Tabarrini. / Tenuta Alzatura. / Tenuta Col Falco. / Tenuta Bellafonte. / Tudernum. / Vignabaldo. / Viticoltori Broccatelli Galli


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