Leica Summilux-M 35/1.4 ASPH | Leica part no.: 11874.

Serial number: 3987226 (Part of a batch of 299 examples running from 3986844–3987143).

Focal length: 35mm lenses are considered standard in the Leica M system. Very versatile focal length. This one is the universal wide angle lens, and pairs moderate wide-angle characteristics with natural dimension. 

Performance: High contrasts (high-contrast available-light), excellent detail rendition over the entire image area, good field flatness, extremely low coma. Landscape shots with immense depth of field. This lens is considered a perfect match for the Leica M9. 

Subject separation: Using a Summilux 35mm at f/1.4 for subject separation It is not advised. To achieve subject separation use distances (you – subject – background) at either f/2 or even f/2.8.

Sweet spot: Very sharp at f/4. 

Aperture ring: clicks at half stops. 

Weight: 320 grammes.

Accessories: Filter: E46 (46mm). Front lens cap: E46 (14231). Screw-on lens hood (12551). | Cap for lens hood (14212). | Rear lens cap (14379).