DR IAN D’AGATA, an Italo-Canadian considered a world authority on Italian wine and native Italian wine grapes. D’Agata comes from a family of doctors and was born in Canada where his father was undertaking his medical training (his father was a psychiatrist), but moved back to Italy when still and infant. D’Agata is himself a qualifed medical doctor (he practised as a pediatrician and specialized in pediatric gastroenterology and pediatric liver transplants having studied at Cincinnati, Harvard and Montreal universities). D’Agata’s grandmother was from Trieste. He also has family roots in Sicily where his ancestors own vineyards.

In his late teens the D’Agata family’s weekend getaway was to the Castelli Romani near Rome, the city where D’Agata is currently based. Whilst D’Agata was studying at the oenology school in Velletri a restaurateur friend took him to see some Malvasia del Lazio or Puntinata vineyards. At the time the focus was to try and make such native Italian varieties more productive, rather than focusing on quality, and this stimulated D’Agata’s interest in native Italian wine grapes. 

The first great wine he tried was a Barolo from his father’s cellar in Toronto. In around 1978 or 1979 D’Agata was inspired by wine writer Luigi Veronelli (who was from Bergamo, a city which D’Agata also had connections to) to investigate the named vineyard sites or ‘crus’ in the Barolo DOCG region of Piemonte.


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