Greco di Tufo DOCG is a denomination for a white wine which can be still or sparkling from Tufo and seven other communes (see below) in Avellino province in the Campania region of south-western Italy. The Greco di Tufo DOCG wine is made from the Greco grape variety. There is no such thing as a ‘Greco di Tufo’ grape variety. Note that the Greco grape variety is genetically distinct from the many different varieties called ‘Greco Bianco’ found in the Calabria region. Wines from higher, steeper sites around Tufo itself are the most refined, whilst at lower elevations (eg. around Montefusco) the wines are weightier, more structured.

Communes: Altavilla Irpina. | Chianche. | Irpina. | Montefusco. | Petruro Irpino. | Prata di Principato Ultra. | Santa Paolina. | Torrioni. | Tufo.  


No certification: Annicchiarico. | Antonio Caggiano. | D’Aione. | Feudi di San Gregorio. | Minetti Ornella. | Petilia.


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