ELISABETTA FORADORI is a Biodynamic winegrower in Mezzolombardo, a village in the Trentino region of Italy. She took over here in 1985. is also a co-owner of the Ampeleia estate in the Maremma region of Tuscany.

VINEYARDS 2015 24 hectares (59 acres) in total, of which 15 hectares (37 acres) were rented: 16 hectares (39.5 acres) of Teroldego, 3.5 hectares (30 acres) of Nosiola and the remaining 4.5 hectares (11 acres) were Manzoni Bianco.1Telephone interview with Elisabetta Foradori 14th October 2015.

BIODYNAMICS–WHY? What was the catalyst for Elisabetta Foradori to go Biodynamic in 2000? “Marc Kreydenweiss inspired me, but I also got a push from the father of my children [the late Rainer Zierock, a German writer and naturalist. Their children were born in 1988, 1990, 1991]. Rainer and I had separated. But his vision was to do with conservation. He was into Rudolf Steiner. He was key, even though there was a lot of conflict in our relationship.” So why, I asked, was she not influenced by Biodynamic wine-growers in Italy? “Maybe they were not so visible at this time. In winter I went to France to learn about wine. In France Biodynamics was well advanced, and much more visible than it was in Italy. In France some really well-known and well respected estates were doing it. Maybe what was going on in France appeared more serious, less hippy-style, compared to Italy. My biggest regret about wine-growing in Italy right now is the lack of courage being shown so estates can make clear steps towards better farming. Doing 100% with their heart, not just doing it for fashion. Maybe deep down they don’t believe they can do it. It is hard to change 100%, and it is especially hard for the more famous estates. But in France the great estates have managed to do it, why not here in Italy?“2Telephone interview with Elisabetta Foradori 14th October 2015.

BIODYNAMICS–THE NEXT GENERATION What would Elisabetta Foradori do if one of her children took over but wanted to return to conventional (‘chemical’) farming? Would she say “OK, I had my chance, I did it my way, now you do it your way?” Her answer was: “No, I have left a foundation stone in place here. We must continue this way. My children agree. To be biodynamic you must feel it, live it. It is not just a list of things to do, to copy, to imitate without inner reflection. It must come from deep within you, this sensibility. Perhaps organics is easier than biodynamics in this sense.“3Telephone interview with Elisabetta Foradori 14th October 2015.

CERTIFICATION 2009 First vintage with full Demeter Biodynamic certification.


FONTANASANTA, MANZONI BIANCO 2013 54mg/l total SO2.4Catalogue for RAW, London 17/18 May 2015.2014 Manzoni Bianco, Vigneti delle Dolomiti Bianco.

FONTANASANTA, NOSIOLA 2011 IGT Vigneti delle Dolomiti Bianco Nosiola fermented on skins in clay amphora. Very interesting, not floral, a bit of yeast, smoke and green fruit, quite intense and saline.5At Vinitaly 9th April 2013. 2014 Vigneti delle Dolomiti Bianco Very nice salinity.6At the Real Wine Fair, Tobacco Dock, London 17-18th April 2016.

FUORIPISTA, PINOT GRIGIO (AMPHORA) The name means ‘off-piste, off the beaten track’. 2016 8 months on skins in clay amphora (‘giare‘). Pinkish-looking, lovely flavour, freshness.7Demeter Austria wine tasting, Vienna 26th February 2018.


SGARZON, TEROLDEGO 2014 Vigneti delle Dolomiti Rosso.

TEROLDEGO, MOREI Stony soil. 2011 Vigneti delle Dolomiti Rosso. Fermented in amphora. Nice and sapid, ripe and clear, bright style, dense and ethereal.8At Vinitaly 9th April 2013. 2014 100% Teroldego. Amphora. Lovely sweet fruit on palate.9At the Real Wine Fair, Tobacco Dock, London 17-18th April 2016.


TEROLDEGO, GRANATO 2011 Vigneti delle Dolomiti Rosso 48mg/l total SO2.10Catalogue for RAW, London 17/18 May 2015..

CONTACT Azienda Agricola Foradori s.s., Via Damiano Chiesa, 1 / I-38017 Mezzolombardo (TN = Trento), Italy / Tel+39 0461.601046