DEMETER INTERNATIONAL e.V. is the body which oversees Demeter biodynamic certification worldwide for all crops, not just for wine. Members of Demeter International are Demeter Österreich in Austria, Association Demeter France in France, Demeter e.V. in Germany, Demeter Associazione per la Tutela della Qualità Biodinamica in Italia in Italy, the Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association in NZ Inc. in New Zealand, Zdruzenje Demeter Slovenija in Slovenia, Demeter Schweiz in Switzerland, Biodynamic Association Certification in the United Kingdom, Demeter Association, Inc. in the United States. They can undertake Biodynamic certification to the Demeter standard in their country, being accredited for this by Demeter International. Note that farming to nationally recognised organic standards is a pre-requisite for Demeter certification. In Argentina, Chile, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Portugal and South Africa an accredited third-party certifier will be asked to perform both the baseline organic certification and subsequent biodynamic certification to Demeter International e.V.’s biodynamic standard. In Australia the Demeter trademark is privately owned by the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute which is not and has never been part of Demeter International.

INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS Contact Ian Henderson <ian [dot] henderson@demeter [dot] net>

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