CHÂTEAU LA GARENNE is a winery in the Sauternes AOC of Bordeaux. It was converted to organics under the ownership of Nicole and Christian Ferbos. After the latter’s death in 2013 Nicole sold the estate to Jean-Paul Fourcaud.

OWNER Jean-Paul Fourcaud.

VINEYARDS, TERROIR There are 6ha (15 acres) of land in Preignac of which 5.63ha are vineyards in the Sauternes AOC: 80% Sémillon, 15% Sauvignon Blanc, 5% Muscadelle. 

CERTIFICATION Full organic certification from the 1998 vintage. 2017 Still certified organic.

WINES, WINE STYLE An everyday style of Sauternes.

CHÂTEAU LA GARENNE, SAUTERNES AOC 1996 Vegan suitable. 2000 showed combined sulphur at Millésime Bio 2004. 2001 Showed a bit of combined sulphur, but did have an unmistakable noble rot character; just lacks the necessary purity, the extra selection to make it sing, but still a good wine at Mill Bio 2006. 2007 Around 166hl was produced.

CONTACT Château La Garenne, 7 La Garenne, F-33210 Preignac (Gironde), France / +33 (0)