CHÂTEAU HAUT-BARON is a winery in Bordeaux’s Saint-Estèphe AOC region.

OWNERS Thierry and Christine Baron (SCEA Baron). They sent their grapes to St-Estèphe’s co-operative until 2008 when they began vinifying some of their wine (50hl) in their own winery (see below). In 2011 they processed all of their grapes themselves for the first time.

VINEYARDS, TERROIR (01/2013) 8.8 hectares (21.7 acres) of Haut-Médoc AOC and Saint-Estèphe AOC.

CERTIFICATION Full organic certification from the 2012 vintage.

WINERY In St-Estèphe.

OTHER CROPS 80ha (197 acres) of organic sunflowers, cereals.


CHÂTEAU HAUT-BARON, HAUT-MÉDOC From 7.5ha (18.5 acres) of in Vertheuil, on the border with St-Éstèphe: 55% Mer, 45% CS, 5% PV.

CHÂTEAU HAUT-BARON, SAINT-ESTÈPHE From 1.3ha (3.2 acres) of 30% CS and 70% Merlot planted in St-Éstèphe in 2012 as organic. 2015 The first vintage from these newly planted vines.

CONTACT Château Haut-Baron, 34 rue Edouard Herriot, F-33180 St-Éstèphe (Gironde), France / +33 (0) / Email